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Using Vertica ML, we now get results in almost real-time without any wait.

Our new approach [in-database machine learning using Vertica] allows for tens of millions of models being calculated over filtered aggregated data in seconds and re-written in the database for almost real-time availability. This has been a real game changer for us.

Vertica is a data science ready database. You only have to know your business and let Vertica do the job.

You don't need to be or have a data scientist, just use the out-of-the-box ML algorithms, feed data and in a matter of seconds you'll see insights, knowledge, predictions and more.

The ML capabilities of Vertica enable us to help advertisers navigate the omnichannel world, based on scalability, relevance, and efficiency.

Vertica enables us to analyze very large sets of structured and unstructured data in real time, and includes ML capabilities that help us drive our offer to both media owners and their advertisers.

Vertica’s new in-database machine learning capabilities are like gold!

We are extremely excited to train our Machine Learning models on our data in Vertica and ship them with our platform to run on our customers’ clusters. This is something that is much harder with any other tool. It will improve our competitive positioning.

Vertica is crucial for enabling us to be more agile with data.

Our Vertica platform is instrumental in many areas of our business—creating predictive algorithms, serving up product recommendations, powering insight to our mobile apps, and generating daily reports and ad- hoc queries.

Vertica in Eon Mode and AI Capabilities Align Perfectly with our Vision.

We are delighted with Vertica’s AI-driven computational capabilities and the flexibility it gives us to consolidate and visualize the data in user-friendly real-time dashboards that benefit our internal stakeholders and our customers.

Use Cases

Real-World Applications: Harnessing Data Science for Practical Use Cases

OpenText World 2023

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Vertica in Eon Mode fuels UNOWHY’s explosive growth with AI-Powered predictive analytics.

Learn how VerticaPy revolutionizes Edtech
VerticaPy in Real-World Scenarios

Unlocking the Power of Practical Use Cases for Business Success

Explore how organizations leverage VerticaPy's capabilities to derive valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, and achieve tangible business success.

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Vertica Use Cases

Comprehensive Use Cases and Success Stories

A Comprehensive and In-Depth Examination of Real-World Applications, Field-Tested Strategies, and Measurable Impact on Business Success

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VerticaPy Examples

Example and Demo Showcase: Varied Use Cases Across Topics

Exploring the Power of VerticaPy with Practical Demonstrations

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LWT3 uses Vertica for advanced biomechanical analytics to improve worker safety, cut healthcare costs, and increase industrial productivity.

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At VerticaPy, we understand the importance of robust partnerships to enhance the value of our solutions. Our collaboration with QWAK, a dynamic analytics platform, takes data exploration and insights to a new level.

The VerticaPy and QWAK integration combines the power of Vertica's scalable data storage and processing capabilities with QWAK's intuitive analytics platform. This union creates a seamless environment for users to explore and analyze data without constraints, ultimately driving better decision-making.

With QWAK's user-friendly interface and VerticaPy's advanced data science tools, data professionals can effortlessly uncover meaningful insights from their data. Whether it's identifying trends, predicting future outcomes, or performing complex analyses, our partnership with QWAK simplifies the process, making it accessible to all skill levels. With this integration, we contribute to a comprehensive MLOps solution. This allows organizations to transition seamlessly from data exploration and model development to deployment and monitoring. QWAK's platform offers end-to-end support for data science projects, and VerticaPy's advanced analytics capabilities complement this journey perfectly.

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Accelerate your data project pipelines with Saagie using Vertica’s in-database machine learning capabilities. Another ML platform that you can now use with Vertica. A win-win situation!

Saagie is a Dataops platform that offers various ready-to-use technologies and advanced pipelines that enable you to manage all your data projects through a single interface. Select the technology of your choice for each step of the data project – from data extraction to data visualization.

VerticaPy is a python library to leverage Vertica’s machine learning capabilities.

Vertica’s Analytics and Machine learning functions and algorithms let you work with vast dataset to easily explore, prepare data, analyze, build and train ML models and perform data science operations, all in one place using Saagie modules!

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Introducing an end-to-end machine learning solution with Vertica and Domino Data Lab that enables you to explore, analyze, and model your data in Vertica using VerticaPy.

Domino Data Lab is a data science platform to build and deploy machine learning models, monitor performance, and collaborate with one another.

VerticaPy is a Python library to perform data science operations in Vertica.

This solution simplifies collaboration on data science projects and allows you to perform in-database machine learning in Vertica. You can now easily connect Domino Data Lab to Vertica using VerticaPy. Build and train your model and share the models within your organization!

Using Vertica’s analytics and machine learning algorithms, you can optimize your models for efficiency and identify trends. Let us walk you through how you can successfully perform all your data science operations in Vertica while using Domino’s in-built Jupyter notebook.

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Data Exploration is a fundamental step in the data science journey, and VerticaPy offers a suite of powerful tools to simplify and enrich this process. With interactive data profiling, statistical summaries, and dynamic visualizations, VerticaPy enables you to quickly gain insights into your data's characteristics and uncover patterns that may inform your analysis. Detecting missing values and handling outliers ensures data integrity, providing a strong foundation for subsequent data preparation and modeling steps. With VerticaPy's Data Exploration capabilities, you can efficiently navigate and understand your data, setting the stage for impactful data-driven decisions and discoveries.

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Data Preparation is a crucial step to ensure accurate analysis. VerticaPy offers a comprehensive set of tools for streamlining your data. From cleaning and transforming features to handling categorical variables, VerticaPy simplifies the process. Normalize, scale, and encode features for model readiness, and extract insights from text and time data. With VerticaPy's Data Preparation capabilities, your dataset is primed for effective modeling and valuable insights.

  • Data Cleaning:
    Streamline your dataset by identifying and handling duplicates, inconsistencies, and errors.
  • Feature Engineering:
    Create new meaningful features or transform existing ones to enhance model performance.
  • Normalization and Scaling:
    Standardize features for balanced model training and accurate comparisons.
  • Categorical Encoding:
    Convert categorical variables into numerical representations suitable for analysis.
  • Text and Time Feature Extraction:
    Extract insights from text and time data for richer analysis.
  • Data Splitting:
    Divide your dataset into training, validation, and test sets for model evaluation.
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Scalable Modeling is where VerticaPy excels, seamlessly combining advanced analytics with Vertica's performance. Choose from a variety of machine learning algorithms, fine-tune parameters, and leverage parallel processing for rapid training. VerticaPy's built-in evaluation tools ensure your model's accuracy, while feature importance analysis adds transparency to predictions. With easy deployment and in-database scoring, VerticaPy's Scalable Modeling capabilities empower you to put your insights into action.

  • Machine Learning Algorithms:
    Access a wide range of powerful machine learning algorithms for diverse use cases.
  • Hyperparameter Tuning:
    Optimize model performance by fine-tuning hyperparameters for best results.
  • Parallel Processing:
    Leverage Vertica's parallel processing capabilities for lightning-fast model training.
  • Model Evaluation:
    Assess model performance through various metrics and techniques to ensure accuracy.
  • Feature Importance Analysis:
    Identify key contributors to model predictions for enhanced interpretability.
  • Model Deployment:
    Easily deploy models within Vertica for in-database scoring and real-time predictions.
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Elevate your data analysis capabilities to new heights with the unmatched scalability of Vertica, handling massive datasets effortlessly.


Harness the versatile power of Python to tailor your data analytics approach, adapting to the unique needs of your projects.


Seamlessly transition from pandas to VerticaPy with similar data manipulation functionalities, ensuring a smooth and intuitive workflow.

Data Science

Revolutionize your analysis by conducting powerful data science directly in-DB, minimizing data movement and maximizing efficiency.


Discover our JupyterLab environment tailored for VerticaPy. This Docker-powered solution provides an all-in-one platform for data science.


VerticaPy benefits from an optimized CI/CD process, integrating Pylint, Black, and Codecov, ensuring code quality, formatting, and coverage analysis.


VerticaPy's integration with various visualization libraries allows you to create insightful graphs and visualizations to enhance your data storytelling.


With VerticaPy, you can optimize resource utilization by leveraging the database's query optimization and workload management capabilities.



Explore VerticaPy's features with famous datasets.

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Understand world-wide critical problems.

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Solve real-world problems with VerticaPy!

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