Management Console

Updated Monitoring Depot Page

The Depot Activity Monitoring page has been enhanced with expanded depot monitoring capabilities. It is now split into two tabs:

  • At a Glance, which is based on the original page, is enhanced with details on running queries, and their usage of depot and communal storage. This tab also provides access to the Storage View tab, which provides more details on database storage.
  • Depot Content contains new information and functionality: nodes for the tables with the most bytes in the depot, and options to filter the list by schema, table, or node name.

For details, see Monitoring Depot Activity in MC.

New Options for Configuring TLS Certificates

MC now provides extended capabilities to configure TLS certificates. You can now:

Extended Time Span of MC Monitoring Window

The default length of data retention time for the MC Monitoring Window is now configured to be longer. The MC monitoring now provides a longer look-back window for Vertica database information.