Bulk-Configure a Group of MC Users for TLS

You as the MC administrator can create multiple MC users and map them all to the same database user id on the Vertica database server side. You map the users in MC when you create them. For details, see Creating an MC User.

You can then configure all the MC users that are mapped to a single Vertica database user id, to use the same client certificate or certificate chain and private key in MC, in a single bulk configuration process:

  1. Navigate to MC Home > Databases and Clusters > DbName> Settings > Security.
  2. Click Configure TLS Connection to launch the MC certificates wizard.
  3. Complete steps 1 through 3 in the wizard to configure a CA certificate and the client certificate or certificate chain and key that you want to use for multiple MC users. For details, see Completing the MC Certificates Wizard.
  4. After you complete these steps, the wizard displays the Apply TLS configuration to MC users mapped to database page as step 4 in the left wizard pane.
  5. To apply the same CA certificate, client certificate and key you just configured to one or more additional users, click the check boxes for those users.

    All the users you select must be mapped to the same Vertica database user id.

  6. To complete the configuration, click Review. MC displays a confirmation screen:

  7. To complete the configuration of this CA certificate for the database and this client certificate/key pair for the selected MC users, click Configure TLS for DB.
  8. MC confirms that the action was a success. Click Close to close the Certificate wizard.