Management Console

Email Configuration Updates

  • To accommodate for SMTP servers that don't require a username and password, the SMTP Username and SMTP Password fields are now optional.
  • You can now automatically trust the SMTP server's certificate with Trust SSL Certificate.

For details on configuring email notifications for MC, see Set Up Email.

New Local SSD Options for Google Cloud Platform

In Eon Mode, Management Console supports new local SSD options (ephemeral storage) for Google Cloud Platform. Vertica uses these SSD options to provide new volume configuration defaults:

Total Local SSDs Depot Temp
5 4 x 375 GB 1 x 375 GB
6 5 x 375 GB 1 x 375 GB
16 12 x 375 GB 4 x 375 GB
24 20 x 375 GB 4 x 375 GB

For details about persistent storage and instance types available for each new default configuration, see Eon Mode Volume Configuration Defaults for GCP.

Feedback Button

A new Feedback button lets you submit a star rating and free-text comments to Vertica. The button displays vertically at the bottom-right of your browser.

Vertica collects the following metadata along with feedback submission:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Page title
  • Vertica database version
  • Vertica Management Console version
  • Web browser type, version, and resolution

User Analytics and Tracking Information

You can provide Vertica with analytic information about your MC usage, for use when making improvements to the MC in future releases. Your information is stored anonymously and securely, and never shared with third-party organizations.

Choose whether to participate when you accept the End-User License Agreement Terms for the MC during your first login, or go to the MC settings > Configuration > User Analytics and Tracking. For details, see Managing MC Settings.