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The Vertica Academy offers free self-paced technical training and certifications for Vertica. The Vertica Academy is built with a single goal – to provide you with the information you need to maximize your investment in Vertica.

The Vertica Academy offers something that few other self-paced training platforms can – the opportunity to interact with other students taking the same courses you do, and a chance to ask questions directly to the developers of the course.

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Interactive Modules

The interactive web-based modules cover more advanced topics.

Introduction to Analytics: Learn how to structure an analytic query, and understand the order in which analytic functions process database information. Event-Based Analytics: Learn about the features, benefits, and usage of Vertica’s event-based analytic functions to evaluate data.
Time Series Analytics: Learn how Vertica interpolates the intervals and values for missing time series data. The Vertica Resource Manager: Learn how query workloads are managed using the built-in pools and the configuration parameters for each of these pools.
User-Defined Resource Pools: Learn how to create a new resource pool, and how to assign queries from specific users to a particular pool.

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