Managing MC Settings

The MC Settings page allows you to configure properties specific to Management Console. To access MC Settings, go to the Management Console home page > MC Tools > MC Settings.

MC Configuration Settings

The Configuration tab contains the following sections:

System User configurations
View the user name, user group, and user home path for the MC user.

Vertica database configurations
Edit the following database paths:

  • License path
  • Catalog path
  • Data path

MC and Agent Port settings
Configure the server port and the default port the Vertica agent uses.

Application Server JVM settings
Set the initial and maximum heap size for the JVM.

Browser connections settings
Enable and disable username and password auto-complete at Management Console login. After disabling, clear your browser's cache.

MC Password configuration settings
Set password requirements to log into the Management Console. This includes length, expiration, and login attempt settings.

User Analytics and Tracking
Choose if you want to provide Vertica with analytic information about your MC usage. Vertica uses this information to improve the MC in future releases.

When you accept the End-User License Agreement Terms for the MC, you are given the option to provide Vertica with your anonymous user data. If you want to stop providing data, clear the checkbox in User Analytics and Tracking.

Vertica collects the following information:

  • Database type (Eon Mode or Enterprise Mode)
  • License type (Community Edition, Paid, By the Hour)
  • Cloud provider name
  • Vertica version
  • MC version
  • Current page
  • Interactions with MC page components, including buttons, drop-down lists, checkboxes, and radio buttons.

To protect your privacy, all collected information is stored and processed anonymously, and in compliance with GDPR regulations. It is stored securely on Vertica servers, and never shared with third-party organizations.

MC Monitoring Settings

Control the following monitoring settings in Management Console:

  • Enable checks and set alert thresholds for spread retransmit rate. This setting is disabled by default. The recommended alert threshold for spread retransmit rate is 10%.
  • Set alert thresholds for free Management Console disk space checks. The recommended alert threshold is 500 MB.
  • Exclude MC queries from activity charts.
  • Set refresh intervals for MC charts and pages.

MC Security and Authentication Settings

  • Upload a new SSL certificate or view the current certificate (SSL Certificates tab).
  • Use LDAP for user authentication (Authentication tab).

MC User Management Settings

Create new Management Console users and, with their user credentials, map them to an database managed by Management ConsoleC on the Vertica server. See Creating an MC User and Managing MC Users.

MC Extended Monitoring Settings

Configure Extended Monitoring, which allows you to monitor more long-term data in Management Console:

Other MC Settings

Modifying Database-Specific Settings

To inspect or modify settings related to a database managed by Management Console, go to the Existing Infrastructure page. On this page, select a running database to see its Overview page. From the bottom of the Overview page, click the Settings tab to make modifications to database-specific settings.