Tests the Hadoop configuration of a Vertica cluster. This function tests HDFS configuration files, HCatalog Connector configuration, and Kerberos configuration.

This function calls the following functions:

If you call this function with an argument, it passes the argument to functions it calls that also take an argument.


EXTERNAL_CONFIG_CHECK( ['what_to_test' ] )



A string specifying the authorities, nameservices, and/or HCatalog schemas to test. The format is a comma-separated list of "key=value" pairs, where keys are "authority", "nameservice", and "schema". The value is passed to all of the sub-functions; see those reference pages for details on how values are interpreted.


This function does not require privileges.


The following example tests the configuration of only the nameservice named "ns1". Output has been omitted due to length.

=> SELECT EXTERNAL_CONFIG_CHECK('nameservice=ns1');