Tests the configuration of a Vertica cluster that uses HDFS. The function scans the Hadoop configuration files found in HadoopConfDir and performs configuration checks on each cluster it finds. If you have more than one cluster configured, you can specify which one to test instead of testing all of them.

For each Hadoop cluster, it reports properties including:

  • Nameservice name and associated NameNodes
  • High-availability status
  • RPC encryption status
  • Kerberos authentication status
  • HTTP(S) status

It then tests connections using http(s), hdfs, and webhdfs URL schemes.  It tests the latter two using both the Vertica and session user.

See Configuring the hdfs Scheme for information about configuration files and HadoopConfDir.


HDFS_CLUSTER_CONFIG_CHECK( ['what_to_test' ] )



A string specifying the authorities or nameservices to test. For example, a value of 'nameservice=ns1' means the function tests only "ns1" cluster. If you specify both an authority and a nameservice, the authority must be a NameNode in the specified nameservice for the check to pass.

If you do not specify this argument, the function tests all cluster configurations found in HadoopConfDir.


This function does not require privileges.


The following example tests all clusters.

-- hdfs_cluster_config_check --
    Hadoop Conf Path : [/conf/hadoop_conf]
  [OK] HadoopConfDir verified on all nodes
    Connection Timeout (seconds) : [60]
    Token Refresh Frequency (seconds) : [0]
    HadoopFSBlockSizeBytes (MiB) : [64]
  [OK] Found [1] hadoop cluster configurations
------------- Cluster 1 -------------
    Is DefaultFS : [true]
    Nameservice : [vmns]
    Namenodes : [node1.example.com:8020, node2.example.com:8020]
    High Availability : [true]
    RPC Encryption : [false]
    Kerberos Authentication : [true]
    HTTPS Only : [false]
  [INFO] Checking connections to [hdfs:///]
    vertica : [OK]
    dbuser : [OK]
  [INFO] Checking connections to [http://node1.example.com:50070]
  [INFO] Node is in standby
  [INFO] Checking connections to [http://node2.example.com:50070]
  [OK] Can make authenticated external curl connection
  [INFO] Checking webhdfs
    vertica : [OK]
    USER : [OK]
  [!] hdfs_cluster_config_check : [PASS]