Reports the delegation tokens Vertica will use when accessing Kerberized data in HDFS. The HadoopImpersonationConfig configuration parameter specifies one or more authorities, nameservices, and HCatalog schemas and their associated tokens. For each tested value, the function reports what doAs user or delegation token Vertica will use for access. Use this function to confirm that you have defined your delegation tokens as you intended.

You can call this function with an argument to specify the authority, nameservice, or HCatalog schema to test, or without arguments to test all configured values.

This function does not check that you can use these delegation tokens to access HDFS.

See Proxy Users and Delegation Tokens for more about impersonation.





A string specifying the authorities, nameservices, and/or HCatalog schemas to test. For example, a value of 'nameservice=ns1' means the function tests only access to the nameservice "ns1" and ignores any other authorities and schemas. A value of 'nameservice=ns1, schema=hcat1' means the function tests one nameservice and one HCatalog schema.

If you do not specify this argument, the function tests all authorities, nameservices, and schemas defined in HadoopImpersonationConfig .


This function does not require privileges.


Consider the following definition of HadoopImpersonationConfig:

        "nameservice": "ns1",
        "token": "RANDOM-TOKEN-STRING"
        "nameservice": "*",
        "doAs": "Paul"
        "schema": "hcat1",
        "doAs": "Fred"

The following query tests only the "ns1" name service:

-- hadoop_impersonation_config_check --
Connections to nameservice [ns1] will use a delegation token with hash [b3dd9e71cd695d91]

This function returns a hash of the token for security reasons. You can call HASH_EXTERNAL_TOKEN with the expected value and compare that hash to the one in this function's output.

A query with no argument tests all values:

-- hadoop_impersonation_config_check --
Connections to nameservice [ns1] will use a delegation token with hash [b3dd9e71cd695d91]
JDBC connections for HCatalog schema [hcat1] will doAs [Fred]
[!] hadoop_impersonation_config_check : [PASS]