Managing MC Users

You manage MC users through the following pages on the Management Console interface:

  • MC Settings > User management
  • MC Settings > Resource access

Who Manages Users

The MC superuser administrator (SUPER Role (mc)) and users granted ADMIN Role (mc) manage all aspects of users, including their access to MC and to MC-managed databases.

Users granted IT Role (mc) can enable and disable user accounts.

See About MC Users and About MC Privileges and Roles for more information.

Editing an MC user's information follows almost the same steps as creating a new user, except that you select an existing user and click Edit. The user's information will be pre-populated, so that you can edit and save it.

The only user account you cannot alter or remove from the MC interface is the MC super account.

What Kind of User Information You Can Manage

You can change the following user properties:

You can also change a user's status (enable/disable access to MC) and delete users.

About User Names

After you create and save a user, you cannot change that user's MC user name, but you can delete the user account and create a new user account under a new name. The only thing you lose by deleting a user account is its audit activity, but MC immediately resumes logging activity under the user's new account.