SUPER Role (mc)

The default superuser administrator, called Super on the MC UI, is a Linux user account that gets created when you install and configure MC. During the configuration process, you can assign the Super any name you like; it need not be dbadmin.

The MC SUPER role, a superset of the ADMIN Role (mc), has the following privileges:

  • Oversees the entire Management Console, including all MC-managed database clusters

    This user inherits the privileges/roles of the user name supplied when importing a Vertica database into MC. Vertica recommends that you use the database administrator's credentials.

  • Creates the first MC user accounts and assigns them an MC configuration role
  • Grants MC users access to one or more MC-managed Vertica databases by assigning MC Database Privileges to each user

The MC super administrator account is unique. Unlike other MC users you create, including other MC administrators, the MC super account cannot be altered or dropped, and you cannot grant the SUPER role to other MC users. The only property you can change for the MC super is the password. Otherwise the SUPER role has the same privileges on MC as the ADMIN Role (mc).

On MC-managed Vertica databases, SUPER has the same privileges as ADMIN Role (db).

The MC super account does not exist within the LDAP server. This account is also different from the special dbadmin account that gets created during a Vertica installation, whose privileges are governed by the DBADMIN. The Vertica-created dbadmin is a Linux account that owns the database catalog and storage locations and can bypass database authorization rules, such as creating or dropping schemas, roles, and users. The MC super does not have the same privileges as dbadmin.