IT Role (mc)

MC IT users can monitor all MC-managed databases, view MC-level (non database) messages, logs, and alerts, disable or enable user access to MC, and reset non-LDAP user passwords. You can also assign MC IT users specific database privileges, which you do by mapping IT users to a user on a database. In this way, the MC IT user inherits the privileges assigned to the database user to which he/she is mapped.

About the MC IT (database) Role

There is also an IT database administrator (IT) role that controls a user's access to MC-managed databases. If you grant an MC user both IT roles, it means the user can perform some configuration on MC and also has access to one or more MC-managed databases. The database mapping is not required, but it gives the IT user wider privileges.

The two IT roles are similar, but they are not the same. The following table summarizes the primary difference between them, but see IT Role (db) for details.

MC configuration IT role MC database IT role

Monitor MC-managed database, view non-database messages, and manage user access

Monitor databases on which the user has privileges, view the database overview and activity pages, monitor the node state view messages and mark them read/unread, view database settings.

Can also be mapped to one or more Vertica databases.