Customizing Threshold-Based Notifications

Management Console can generate notifications when your database exceeds threshold limits that you specify. You can configure threshold notifications per database in the Thresholds tab, which appears on your database's Settings page.

You can enable and modify message thresholds for each database that MC monitors. MC then generates a message indicating when a threshold is exceeded. For example, you can set the threshold for node disk usage to a 20% minimum and 80% maximum. As MC monitors node disk usage, it notifies you when any nodes exceed those minimum or maximum thresholds.

MC categorizes customizable message thresholds by license use, system health, and system performance. See Message Types for a list of the customizable thresholds available in MC.

The default threshold notification settings for Resource Pool Monitoring apply to the GENERAL pool. To customize messages for custom pools, click Add New Threshold for Custom Resource Pools.

Configuring Settings for Thresholds

Message thresholds have the following configurable settings:

  • Enabling and disabling threshold-specific messages
  • Threshold values
  • Check time interval
  • Alert Priority
  • Email Destination
  • Email Interval

Configure your notification settings, and click Apply to save your changes. If a message threshold has not been set previously, MC displays the default threshold for that setting.

Setting Priorities

You can set a notification to one of three priorities. If a threshold value is exceeded, MC: 

  • Priority 1 — Sends you an email notification, displays a message in the Overview page, and creates an message in the Message Center.
  • Priority 2 — Displays a message in the Overview page, and creates an message in the Message Center.
  • Priority 3 — Creates a message in the Message Center.

Setting Email Notifications

In order for MC to send email notifications, you must first provide MC with SMTP server settings. See Set Up Email .

When you set a threshold to Priority 1, MC can send email notifications to subscribed users.

To subscribe users to a threshold email message:

  1. Set the threshold's Alert Priority field to Priority 1: Overview and Email. The Email Destination and Email Interval fields appear.
  2. Click the browsing icon next to the Email Destination field. The Subscriber List dialog box opens.
  3. You can add emails in one of two ways:
    • Select from the list of existing MC users with associated email addresses. (See Managing MC Users for how to add email addresses to user profiles.)
    • Provide an additional email address in the Entering New Email field. Click the plus (+) icon next to the field to add the address.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select an option from the Email Interval field to choose how frequently users receive email notifications about the threshold if it is exceeded.
  6. Click Apply at the top-right of the page to save your email subscriber settings.

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