Set Up Email

Management Console can generate email alerts about high-priority database thresholds. To receive email alerts, you must first configure your SMTP settings in MC.

You must be an administrator to provide SMTP settings.

To set up MC to send email:

  1. Select the Email Gateway tab on the MC Settings page.
  2. Provide the following information about your SMTP server: 
    • SMTP Server (Hostname). Maximum length is 255 characters. You can enter either the hostname or IP address.
    • SMTP server port.
    • Session Type (SSL or TLS).
    • SMTP Username.
    • SMTP Password.
    • Originating Email Alias. MC sends alerts from the email address you provide.
  3. Click Test at the top of the page. MC validates your SMTP settings and sends a test email to the inbox of the email alias you provided.
  4. Verify that you successfully received the test email.
  5. Click Apply at the top-right of the page to save the settings.

With email settings completed, you can configure MC to send high-priority threshold alerts through email. See Customizing Threshold-Based Notifications.