vbr uses the node mapping section exclusively to restore objects from a backup of one database to a different database. Be sure to update the [Mapping] section of your configuration file to point your target database nodes to their source backup locations. The target database must have at least as many UP nodes as the source database.

Use the following format to specify node mapping:

source_node = target_node

For example, you can use the following mapping to restore content from one 4-node database to an alternate 4-node database.

v_sourcedb_node0001 = v_targetdb_node0001 
v_sourcedb_node0002 = v_targetdb_node0002 
v_sourcedb_node0003 = v_targetdb_node0003 
v_sourcedb_node0004 = v_targetdb_node0004 

See Restoring a Database to an Alternate Cluster for a complete example.