Restoring a Database to an Alternate Cluster

Vertica supports restoring a full backup to an alternate cluster.


The process is similar to the process for Restoring a Database from a Full Backup, with the following additional requirements.

The destination database must:

  • Be DOWN.
  • Share the same name as the source database.
  • Have the same number of nodes as the source database.
  • Have the same names as the source nodes.
  • Use the same catalog directory location as the source database.
  • Use the same port numbers as the source database.


  1. Copy the vbr configuration file that you used to create the backup to any node on the destination cluster.
  2. If you are using a stored password, copy the password configuration file to the same location as the vbr configuration file.
  3. From the destination node, issue a vbr restore command, such as:
    $ vbr -t restore -c full.ini
  1. After the restore has completed, start the restored database.