Management Console

Management Console (MC) is the Vertica in-browser monitoring and management tool. Its graphical user interface provides a unified view of your Vertica database operations.

Through user-friendly, step-by-step screens, you can create, configure, manage, and monitor your Vertica databases and their associated clusters.

You can use MC to operate your Vertica database in Eon Mode or in Enterprise Mode. You can use MC to provision and deploy a Vertica Eon Mode database.

What You Can Do with Management Console

A database cluster on hosts that do not have Vertica installed

Multiple Vertica databases on one or more clusters from a single point of control

MC users and grant them access to MC and databases managed by MC


Database parameters and user settings dynamically

Resource pools


License usage and conformance

Dynamic metrics about your database cluster

Resource pools

User information and activity on MC

Alerts by accessing a single message box of alerts for all managed databases

Recent databases and clusters through a quick link

Multiple Vertica databases on one or more clusters from a single point of control

Import or Export...

Export all database messages or log/query details to a file

Import multiple Vertica databases on one or more clusters from a single point of control


MC-related issues through a browser

Management Console provides some, but not all, the functionality that Administration Tools provides. Management Console also includes extended functionality not available in admintools. This additional functionality includes a graphical view of your Vertica database and detailed monitoring charts and graphs. See Administration Tools and Management Console in the Administrator's Guide for more information.

Getting MC

Download the Vertica server RPM and the MC package from myVertica Portal. You then have two options:

  • Install Vertica and MC at the command line and import one or more Vertica database clusters into the MC interface
  • Install Vertica directly through MC

See the Installation Guide for details.

What You Need to Know

If you plan to use MC, review the following topics in the Administrator's Guide:

If you want to ... See ...

Create a new, empty Vertica database

Create a Database on a Cluster

Import an existing Vertica database cluster into MC

Managing Database Clusters

Understand how MC users differ from database users

About MC Users

Read about the MC privilege model

About MC Privileges and Roles

Create new MC users

Creating an MC User

Grant MC users privileges on one or more Vertica databases managed by MC

Granting Database Access to MC Users

Use Vertica functionality through the MC interface

Using Management Console

Monitor MC and Vertica databases managed by MC

Monitoring Vertica Using Management Console

Monitor and configure Resource Pools

Monitoring Resource Pools

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