Vertica Vertica Insights | May 2018
Announcing Vertica 9.1 and the General Availability of Vertica in Eon Mode

Vertica 9.1 features the general availability of Vertica in Eon Mode, which separates compute resources from data storage to enable organizations to optimize cloud infrastructure costs and simplify operations for their Vertica cloud deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a result, Vertica customers in the AWS ecosystem can now load and store high volumes of data into AWS S3, dynamically spin up new compute resources in minutes and turn off compute resources when no longer needed. The 9.1 release also features advancements in in-database Machine Learning, and data protection and performance enhancements.
Customer Spotlight: ThinkData Works

Learn how ThinkData Works, a Toronto-based tech startup that specializes in the aggregation, standardization, and distribution of high value public data, was able to improve query and ingestion performance cost effectively through the Vertica Startup Accelerator. ThinkData chose Vertica to solve the common access problem of open data with a cost-effective analytics platform for start-ups, achieving sub-second query performance and reducing ingestion time to build a more effective data pipeline. ThinkData Works deployed Vertica on the Google Cloud Platform in minutes, and implemented Vertica quickly with minimal learning curve and zero support tickets filed.

Are All Column Stores the Same?

Think all column stores are created equal? Read this whitepaper to explore twelve critical capabilities that give a native column-store database superior performance and massive scale.

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Vertica Named to CRN's Big Data 100

CRN named Vertica to its Big Data 100 list, which recognizes leading tech suppliers bringing to market innovative offerings for harnessing the massive data generated in today’s digital world.

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Understanding Vertica’s Query Optimizer

The Vertica Query Optimizer uses statistics about the data to create a query plan, which contains a set of operations to compute the requested result faster and more efficiently.

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Try Vertica Advanced Analytics for Free

See for yourself how Vertica delivers blazing fast analytics—on-premises, in the clouds or on Hadoop. Manage and analyze up to 1 TB of data across three nodes for an unlimited time, free of charge or take a test drive of Vertica using sample applications with pre-loaded data, running on AWS and Azure clouds.
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