What is Vertica Startup Accelerator?

The Vertica Startup Accelerator program connects early stage companies to the power of the Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform.
This program is for startups building best-in-class solutions for Big Data.

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Harness the Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform

Being a part of the Vertica Startup Accelerator enables startups to harness the power of the Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform to build their own enterprise-strength products optimized to solve the data-entrenched challenges facing modern enterprise companies.

Vertica Startup Accelerator Program provides qualified, early stage developers with special access and pricing for Vertica. The program is designed to equip the next generation of entrepreneurs to create applications and solutions that accelerate the monetization of big data by leveraging the Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform. In addition to select platform access, other benefits include training, community support, and entry to the Vertica Marketplace.

Startups in this 1-year program will be eligible to use the following tier:

  1. Bootstrap: The introductory track of the Vertica Startup Accelerator program is called “Bootstrap”. This complementary tier of the program offers a special version of Vertica, in addition to community support, self-serve video training, access to the Vertica Marketplace, as well as optional add-ons.
Products – 1 Year Term License
Vertica 25TB
Price Free
Training Videos and Documentation
Community Support
Marketplace Showcase
Virtual Class Room Sessions N/A
Enterprise Support N/A
Optional Add-Ons
Vertica SQL on Hadoop Free (up to 4 nodes)
Professional Service Packages Price Available Upon Request
Training Packages Refer to Training Catalog

Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform

Purpose-Built Big Data Analytics

Vertica, designed with speed, scalability, simplicity, and openness at its core, provides blazing-fast speed (queries run 50-1,000x faster), petabyte-scale (store 10-30x more data per server), and openness and simplicity (use any BI/ETL tools, Hadoop, etc.) – all at 30% of the cost of traditional data warehouse solutions.

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Gain free access to the Vertica Community where members can ask questions, or have knowledge to share with other Community members. Resources contained within the Community include Forums, Blogs, Videos, and Wiki’s.

Vertica Marketplace 'Showcase'

Gain complementary developer access to the Vertica Marketplace to distribute your solution (subject to the Marketplace terms and conditions and review process). The Vertica Marketplace is an online destination for developers, Vertica users, and technology partners to create and share innovative big data analytics solutions built for the Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform.

Training Videos and Documentation

All program participants will have access to documentation including tutorials, release notes, getting started guides, installation guides, in addition to access to our growing collection of web-based training content.


What is the Vertica Startup Accelerator?

The Vertica Startup Accelerator is a program for early-stage companies that are racing to build best-in-class Big Data solutions. This program allows startups to tap directly into the power of the Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform when building data analytics solutions for their customers.

Who is this for?

For startups building next-generation Big Data solutions. The audience for this program includes early stage companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Less than 50 employees
  • Less than 5 years old
  • Funding < $10M
  • Revenue $0-10M
  • Fully independent (not a wholly- or partially-owned subsidiary of a larger entity)

Why is launching this program?

supports the development of Big Data applications and solutions. By providing the Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform as an on-ramp for building these solutions, is committing to push the edges of innovation in this space.

Why is this of value to startups?

This program removes traditional barriers to entry for developing high-performing Big Data solutions and provides startups with a unique opportunity to plug into the power of our Vertica, Predictive Analytics and Hadoop/Open Source technologies. In addition, the program provides startups access to market leading application delivery tools that will enable them to validate the quality of their apps across the spectrum of functionality and performance, while also helping them manage an iterative development process. Startups can now build their products on top of the same technology that is powering data analytics at companies like Facebook, Twitter, AT&T, Etsy, and Zynga.

What are some of the products, benefits, and features of this program for my company?

Visit our Program page for specifics about what you will receive as a participating startup.

How is this different from your current free Vertica Community Edition offering?

This is an expansion of Vertica Community Edition which increases the capacity from 1TB to 25TB (Bootstrap) and promotion through Vertica Marketplace.

How do I apply to be a part of this program?

To apply for consideration in the Vertica Startup Accelerator program, please complete this application. Allow 3 to 5 business days for follow-up.

What if I have additional questions regarding the program?

Please send an email to startup.accelerator@.com