Customer-managed, advanced analytics and in-database machine learning platform that runs on-premises, in the clouds, and supports (Kubernetes (K8s).

Optimize your data analytics with the Vertica Unified Analytics Platform

As you face new and emerging trends like data warehouse modernization, cloud migration, data fabric, and data democratization, you need to get the most from data — all of your data. Unified Analytics is fast, scalable, deploy-anywhere analytics that is crucial to the mission. That’s Vertica.

Vertica is built to address the most demanding data analytics requirements. It helps you derive more value from your data warehouse and data lakes and gets you results faster.

unified analytics highest performance

Experience the Highest Performance

Unrivaled analytical speed, no matter if you’re dealing with one or thousands of concurrent users, terabytes or petabytes of data.

unified analytics analyze anywhere

Analyze Anywhere

On-premises, hybrid clouds, managed service with a license that lets you switch deployment any time. External Tables let you make use of your data lake files, no matter where they sit. Vertica is the ultimate hybrid analytics platform.

Unified analytics favorite tool

Use Your Favorite Tools

Analysts and data scientists use their favorite tools like SQL, BI Tools, Python, ML and Notebooks. Hundreds of ways to connect to your data flows including connectors, JDBC, Kafka.

Unified analytics configure and optimize

Configure and Optimize

Use nodes to elastically scale when you have them. Or when queries are tough and budget is small, tune tougher queries so you aren’t stuck paying for extra hardware.

Unified analytics pricing

Gain Predictable Pricing

Flexible pricing is suited to your need (per TB, per node or on-demand). Free trials and community edition available, too.

Experience the Highest Performance

Unrivaled Analytics

Vertica’s unified data analytics platform is trusted by the world’s leading data-driven companies, including Cerner, MassMutual, Philips, and more to deliver speed, scale, and reliability on mission-critical analytics.

Remove scale, performance, and capacity constraints with a platform architected from day one to handle the largest data volumes and most demanding workloads. Vertica delivers 10-50x faster performance or more compared to legacy systems.

Analyze Anywhere

Unified Analytics: Data Warehouse and Data Lake Analytics

Vertica offers a high-performance analytics engine that is as comfortable performing analytics as a data warehouse as it is analyzing semi-structured data in a data lake. Deploy Vertica on-premises, in the clouds, or as a hybrid analytics model – or SaaS. For a data repository, use bare metal, cloud object store or on-premises object store seamlessly. No more proprietary infrastructure lock-in or closed systems. And no surprises at license time.

Use Your Favorite Analytical Tools

Hundreds of ways to connect

unified analytics architecture

Optimize Your AIOps Environment

Gain control over data analytics with cloud-optimized efficiency, even on-premises

When you need the ultimate in elasticity, Vertica’s separation of compute and storage architecture lets you spin up more compute when you need it.

    • Isolate workloads by having them run in their own compute space
    • Use subclusters to apply dedicated compute for individual workloads
    • Avoid unnecessary data replication and copy maintenance

However, costly nodes shouldn’t be the only answer to a slow database. When queries are tough and budget is small, you can also tune queries. Features like automatic sharding, projections, and Flattened Tables help you improve performance on most frequently run analytics.

Avoid the shock of unpredictable pricing

Flexible pricing and licensing options that fit your organizational needs

    • Pay as you go – You can purchase Vertica with usage-based, hourly pricing directly from the AWS Marketplace or Google Marketplace.
    • License – Vertica is available as a perpetual or subscription license for on-premises or cloud deployments. The software license can be purchased on a per-node or per-terabyte basis and includes Dev, QA, and HA environments for no extra charge.
    • External Data – Vertica accesses your data lake, at an economically favorable price. Purchase the Vertica External Data add-on to analyze data stored in Hadoop or Amazon S3 data lakes.


unified analytics deployment

On-Premises Deployments

Learn how Vertica leverages cloud-native technologies in on-premises deployments for scalability and flexibility when you can’t deploy on the clouds.


unified analytics cloud

Cloud Deployments

See how Vertica can deploy in all major clouds, so you won’t be locked in. Whether you need a managed service or self-managed capabilities, Vertica fits the bill.


Machine Learning

Learn how you can do machine learning in SQL or Python with Vertica without the need to deploy additional solutions. Leverage our scalable MPP platform to handle more data than you thought possible.

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unified analytics machine learning
unified analytics open source innovation

Open Source Innovation

Learn how Vertica ties into the open source community for important features in data ingestion, analytics development and deployment.

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Data Security

Security is important to us and to you. In addition to built-in security features, uncover the benefits of Vertica’s integration with Voltage format-preserving encryption in protecting data.

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unified analytics data security

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