Dissociating a Certificate from a Database in MC

Before you can remove a certificate from MC, you must be sure the certificate is not associated with (being used by) any databases. The MC administrator can disassociate a certificate from a database in MC using either of these methods:

Configuring a New Certificate on the Database in MC

When you configure a new certificate to serve a specific purpose on a database in MC, the new certificate replaces the old certificate. The newly configured certificate is now associated with the database, and the old certificate is no longer associated and can be removed.

Navigate to Databases and Clusters > DbName > Database Settings > Configure TLS.

For details, see Configuring TLS for a Monitored Database in MC

Removing the TLS Configuration on the Database

In some cases, it may be appropriate to disable TLS for a database in MC. Disabling TLS for the database dissociates all the certificates configured for that database. For more information, see Enabling or Disabling TLS for a Database in MC.