Setting Runtime Priority for the Resource Pool

For each resource pool, you can manage resources that are assigned to queries that are already running. You assign each resource pool a runtime priority of HIGH, MEDIUM, or LOW. These settings determine the amount of runtime resources (such as CPU and I/O bandwidth) assigned to queries in the resource pool when they run. Queries in a resource pool with a HIGH priority are assigned greater runtime resources than those in resource pools with MEDIUM or LOW runtime priorities.

Prioritizing Queries Within a Resource Pool

While runtime priority helps to manage resources for the resource pool, there may be instances where you want some flexibility within a resource pool. For instance, you may want to ensure that very short queries run at a high priority, while also ensuring that all other queries run at a medium or low priority.

The Resource Manager allows you this flexibility by letting you set a runtime priority threshold for the resource pool. With this threshold, you specify a time limit (in seconds) by which a query must finish before it is assigned the runtime priority of the resource pool. All queries begin running with a HIGH priority; once a query's duration exceeds the time limit specified in the runtime priority threshold, it is assigned the runtime priority of the resource pool.

Setting Runtime Priority and Runtime Priority Threshold

You specify runtime priority and runtime priority threshold by setting two resource pool parameters with CREATE RESOURCE POOL or ALTER RESOURCE POOL: