Vertica Analytics Platform Version 9.2.x Documentation

Deprecated and Retired Functionality

This section describes the two phases Vertica follows to retire Vertica functionality:

  • Deprecated.Vertica announces deprecated features and functionality in a major or minor release. Deprecated features remain in the product and are functional. Published release documentation announces deprecation on this page (see Deprecated in This Release, below). When users access this functionality, it may return informational messages about its pending removal.
  • Retired.Vertica removes a feature in a major or minor release that follows the deprecation announcement. Users can no longer access the functionality, and this page is updated to verify removal (see History, below). Documentation that describes this functionality is removed, but remains in previous documentation versions.

Deprecated in This Release

The following Vertica functionality was deprecated in this release. This functionality will be retired in a future Vertica version:

  • The use of network interfaces has been superseded by network addresses. Network addresses are more-flexible way of defining a network connection on a node. They are a part of the new connection load balancing feature. The more limited network interface feature has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Vertica.
  • The following configuration parameters for enabling projections with pre-aggregated data: EnableExprsInProjections, EnableGroupByProjections, EnableTopKProjections, EnableUDTProjections
  • Java 5 support for the Vertica JDBC driver is deprecated.

Removed in This Release

No longer supported: Notes
Pre-join projections

Vertica no longer supports existing projections of either type. Attempts to upgrade from a database with either projection type will fail. Before upgrade, run the pre-upgrade script to identify these projections, and then remove or replace them.

For more information, see Identifying Unsupported Projections.

Range segmentation projections


The following functionality has been deprecated or removed as indicated:

Functionality Component Deprecated in: Removed in:
KERBEROS_HDFS_CONFIG_CHECK function Server 9.2  
Java 5 support JDBC Client Driver 9.2  

Configuration parameters for enabling projections with aggregated data: 

  • EnableExprsInProjections
  • EnableGroupByProjections
  • EnableTopKProjections
  • EnableUDTProjections
Server 9.2  
Windows Server 2012 Server 9.1.1  
eof_timeout parameter of Kafka function KafkaSource Server 9.1.1  
Support for Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Server 9.1  
IdolLib function library Server 9.1  
SSL certificates that contain weak CA signatures such as MD5 Server 9.1  
HCatalogConnectorUseLibHDFSPP configuration parameter Server 9.1  
S3 UDSource Server 9.1 9.1.1
HCatalog Connector support for WebHCat Server 9.1  
partition_key column in system tables STRATA and STRATA_STRUCTURES Server 9.1  
Vertica Pulse Server 9.0.1 9.1.1
Support for SQL Server 2008 Server 9.0.1 9.0.1
SUMMARIZE_MODEL function Server 9.0 9.1
RestrictSystemTable parameter Server 9.0.1  
S3EXPORT()multipart parameter Server 9.0  
EnableStorageBundling parameter Server 9.0  
Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics package parameter key_columns for data preparation functions. Server 9.0 9.0.1
Vertica meta-function DROP_PARTITION (superseded by DROP_PARTITIONS) Server 9.0  
Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics package parameter owner. Server 8.1.1 9.0
RENAME_MODEL() Server 8.1 8.1.1
DELETE_MODEL() Server 8.1 8.1.1
Backup and restore --setupconfig command Server 8.1 9.1.1
Ability to create a projection in a schema different from its anchor table Server 8.0.1 8.1.1
SET_RECOVER_BY_TABLE(). Do not disable recovery by table. Server 8.0.1  
PreExcavatorReplicatedProjection() Server   8.0.1
HDFS Connector Server 8.0 9.0
Prejoin projections Server 8.0 9.2
Administration Tools option --compat21 Server 7.2.1  
Server 7.2 8.0
Projection buddies with inconsistent sort order Server 7.2 9.0 Server 7.2 9.0 Server 7.2 9.0
JavaClassPathForUDx configuration parameter Server 7.1  
ADD_LOCATION() Server 7.1  
bwlimit Server 7.1 9.0
EXECUTION_ENGINE_PROFILES counters: file handles, memory allocated, and memory reserved Server 7.0  
MERGE_PARTITIONS() Server 7.0 9.0
All clients 7.0  

Pload library

Server 7.0 8.1.1
range-segmentation-clause Server 6.1.1 9.2
scope parameter of CLEAR_PROFILING() Server 6.1  
IMPLEMENT_TEMP_DESIGN() Server, clients 6.1