Restarting MC

You might need to restart the MC web/application server for a number of reasons, such as after you change port assignments, use the MC interface to import a new SSL certificate, or if the MC interface or Vertica-related tasks become unresponsive.

Restarting MC requires ADMIN Role (mc) or SUPER Role (mc) privileges.

How to Restart MC through the MC Interface (Using Your Browser)

  1. Open a web browser and connect to MC as an administrator.
  2. On MC's Home page, click Diagnostics.
  3. Click Restart Console and then click OK to continue or Cancel to return to the Diagnostics page..

The MC process shuts down for a few seconds and automatically restarts. After the process completes, you are directed back to the sign-in page.

How to Restart MC at the Command Line

If you are unable to connect to MC through a web browser for any reason, such as if the MC interface or Vertica-related tasks become unresponsive, you can run the vertica-consoled script with start, stop, or restart arguments.

Follow these steps to start, stop, or restart MC.

  1. As root, open a terminal window on the server on which MC is installed.
  2. Run the vertica-consoled script:

    # /etc/init.d/vertica-consoled { stop | start | restart } 

    For versions CentOS 7 and above, run:

    # systemctl { stop | start | restart } vertica-consoled

    The systemctl function requires you to both start and stop services explicitly. If you kill or stop the vertica-consoled process without using systemctl stop, you cannot start the MC process again with the original systemctl start command. Instead, you must run systemctl stop vertica-consoled before running systemctl start vertica-consoled.


    Stops the MC application/web server.


    Starts the MC application/web server.

    Caution: Use start only if you are certain MC is not already running. As a best practice, stop MC before you issue the start command.


    Restarts the MC application/web server. This process will report that the stop didn't work if MC is not already running.

How to Restart MC on an AMI

You can use the following steps to restart an MC AMI instance.

  1. SSH into the MC host as user dbadmin:

    $ ssh -i example.pem dbadmin@52.xx.xx.xx
  2. Run the vertica-consoled script using sudo:

    # sudo /etc/init.d/vertica-consoled { stop | start | restart } 

Starting over

If you need to return MC to its original state (a "factory reset"), see Resetting MC to Pre-Configured State.