Managing Extended Monitoring on a Database

When you enable extended monitoring on your Vertica database, monitoring data from your database streams through Kafka servers to the MC storage database.

You can enable streaming for any or all databases that MC monitors.

Extended Monitoring Prerequisites

Before you can enable extended monitoring, your system must meet these prerequisites:

Enable Extended Monitoring

  1. Select the Extended Monitoring tab on MC Settings.

    The Extended Monitoring page displays all databases monitored by MC.
  2. In the Memory Limit field for the database of your choice, set the maximum amount of memory the database can use for streaming monitoring data. For more about the memory limit, see Managing Streaming Services for Extended Monitoring.
  3. In the Extended Monitoring column, select ON to enable streaming for the database of your choice.

    The database begins streaming its monitoring data to the Kafka server.

User Access

When you change user permissions for a database using extended monitoring, the user access policy on the storage database does not automatically update. On the Extended Monitoring page, in the user access column for your database, click Refresh to sync the policy.

If you rename a Vertica user, you must re-map the user in MC Settings before refreshing the user access policy.

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