Platform Requirements and Recommendations

You must verify that your servers meet the platform requirements described in Supported Platforms. The Supported Platforms topics detail supported versions for the following:

  • OS for Server and Management Console (MC)
  • Supported Browsers for MC
  • Supported File Systems

Install the Latest Vendor-Specific System Software

Install the latest vendor drivers for your hardware.

Data Storage Recommendations

  • All internal drives connect to a single RAID controller.
  • The RAID array should form one hardware RAID device as a contiguous /data volume.

Install perl

Before you perform the cluster installation, install Perl 5 on all the target hosts. Perl is available for download from

Validation Utilities

Vertica provides several validation utilities that validate the performance on prospective hosts. The utilities are installed when you install the Vertica RPM, but you can use them before you run the install_vertica script. See Validation Scripts for more details on running the utilities and verifying that your hosts meet the recommended requirements.

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