Eon Mode Databases on Azure

You can create an Eon Mode database on a cluster that is hosted on Azure. In this configuration, your database stores its data communally in Azure Blob storage. See Using Eon Mode to learn more about this database mode.

Eon Mode databases on Azure support some of the encryption features built into Azure Storage. You can use its encryption at rest feature transparently—you do not need to configure Vertica to take advantage of it. You can use Microsoft-managed or customer-managed keys for storage encryption. Vertica does not support Azure Storage's client-side encryption and encryption using customer-provided keys. See the Azure Data Encryption at rest page in the Azure documentation for more information about the encryption at rest features in Azure Storage.

If you have an existing Enterprise Mode database, you can migrate it to an to Eon Mode database running on Azure. See Migrating an Enterprise Database to Eon Mode.

This section explains how you create an Eon Mode database running on Azure cloud.

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