This function was formerly named PURGE_TABLE_PROJECTIONS(). Vertica still supports the former function name.

Permanently removes deleted data from physical storage so disk space can be reused. You can purge historical data up to and including the Ancient History Mark epoch.

Purges all projections of the specified table. You cannot use this function to purge temporary tables.


PURGE_TABLE ( '[[database.]schema.]table' )



Database and schema. The default schema is public. If you specify a database, it must be the current database.


The table to purge.


  • Table owner
  • USAGE privilege on schema

PURGE_TABLE could temporarily take up significant disk space while the data is being purged.


The following example purges all projections for the store sales fact table located in the Vmart schema:

=> SELECT PURGE_TABLE('store.store_sales_fact');