Enterprise Mode only

Migrates an Enterprise database to an Eon Mode database. MIGRATE_ENTERPRISE_TO_EON runs in the foreground; until it returns—either with success or an error—it blocks all operations in the same session on the source Enterprise database. If successful, MIGRATE_ENTERPRISE_TO_EON returns with a list of nodes in the migrated database.

If migration is interrupted before the meta-function returns—for example, the client disconnects, or a network outage occurs—the migration returns an error. In this case, call MIGRATE_ENTERPRISE_TO_EON again to restart migration. For details, see Handling Interrupted Migration.

You can repeat migration multiple times to the same communal storage location—for example, to capture changes that occurred in the source database during the previous migration. For details, see Repeating Migration.


MIGRATE_ENTERPRISE_TO_EON ( 'communal‑storage‑location', 'depot‑location' [, is‑dry‑run] )

URI of communal storage whose scheme conforms to one of the following:


Path of Eon depot location, typically:


Management Console requires this convention to enable access to depot data and activity.


Boolean. If set to true, MIGRATE_ENTERPRISE_TO_EON only checks whether the Enterprise source database complies with all migration prerequisites. If the meta-function discovers any compliance issues, it writes these to the migration error log migrate_enterprise_to_eon_error.log in the database directory.

Default: false




Migrate an Enterprise database to Eon Mode on AWS:

=> SELECT MIGRATE_ENTERPRISE_TO_EON ('s3://verticadbbucket', '/vertica/depot');
(1 row)

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