This function and EXPORT_CATALOG return equivalent output.

Generates a SQL script you can use to recreate non-virtual catalog objects on another cluster.

The SQL script conforms to the following requirements:

  • Only includes objects to which the user has access.
  • Orders CREATE statements according to object dependencies so they can be recreated in the correct sequence. For example, if a table is in a non-PUBLIC schema, the required CREATE SCHEMA statement precedes the CREATE TABLE statement. Similarly, a table's CREATE ACCESS POLICY statement follows the table's CREATE TABLE statement.
  • If possible, creates projections with their KSAFE clause, if any, otherwise with their OFFSET clause.


EXPORT_OBJECTS( ['[destination]' [, '[scope]'] [, 'mark-ksafe']] )


If you omit all parameters, this function exports to standard output all objects to which you have access.


Specifies where to send output, one of the following:

  • An empty string ('') writes the script to standard output.
  • The path and name of a SQL output file. This option is valid only for superusers. If you specify a file that does not exist, the function creates one. If you specify only a file name, Vertica creates it in the catalog directory. If the file already exists, the function silently overwrites its contents.


Specifies one or more objects to export as a comma-delimited list:

  • If set to an empty string, Vertica exports all objects to which the user has access.
  • If you specify a schema, Vertica exports all objects in that schema.
  • If you specify a database, it must be the current database.

Boolean argument, specifies whether to include a MARK_DESIGN_KSAFE statement in the generated script with the correct K-safe value for the database:

  • true (default): Include the MARK_DESIGN_KSAFE statement at the end of the output script.
  • false: Omit the from the script.




See Exporting Objects.