Monitoring System Memory Usage

The Memory Usage chart shows how system memory is used on individual nodes over time. Information the chart displays is stored based on Data Collector retention policies, which a superuser can configure. See Configuring Data Retention Policies.

The first time you access the Memory Usage chart, MC displays the first node in the cluster. MC remembers the node you last viewed and displays that node when you access the Activity page again. To choose a different node, select one from the Nodes drop-down list at the bottom of the chart. The chart automatically refreshes every five minutes unless you disable the Auto Refresh option.

On busy systems, the Node list might cover part of the graph you want to see. You can move the list out of the way by dragging it to another area on the page.

Types of System Memory

The Memory Usage chart displays a stacking area for the following memory types:

  • swap
  • free
  • fcache (file cache)
  • buffer
  • other (memory in use by all other processes running on the system besides the main Vertica process, such as the MC process or agents)
  • Vertica
  • rcache (Vertica ROS cache)
  • catalog

When you hover over a data point, a dialog box displays percentage of memory used during that time period for the selected node.