Installing Using the Command Line

Although Vertica supports installation on one node, two nodes, and multiple nodes, this section describes how to install the Vertica software on a cluster of nodes. It assumes that you have already performed the tasks in Before You Install Vertica, and that you have a Vertica license key.

To install Vertica, complete the following tasks:

  1. Download and install the Vertica server package
  2. Installing Vertica with the Installation Script

Special notes

  • Downgrade installations are not supported.
  • Be sure that you download the RPM for the correct operating system and architecture.
  • Vertica supports two-node clusters with zero fault tolerance (K=0 safety). This means that you can add a node to a single-node cluster, as long as the installation node (the node upon which you build) is not the loopback node (localhost/
  • The Version 7.0 installer introduces new platform verification tests that prevent the install from continuing if the platform requirements are not met by your system. Manually verify that your system meets the requirements in Before You Install Vertica on your systems. These tests ensure that your platform meets the hardware and software requirements for Vertica. Previous versions documented these requirements, but the installer did not verify all of the settings. If this is a fresh install, then you can simply run the installer and view a list of the failures and warnings to determine which configuration changes you must make.