Additional Parameter Settings

The following parameters can be set for the Vertica client drivers.

Logging Settings

These parameters control how messages between the client and server are logged. None of these settings are required. If they are not set, then the client library does not log any messages. They apply to both ADO.NET and ODBC.

  • LogLevel—The severity of messages that are logged between the client and the server. The valid values are:

    • 0—No logging
    • 1—Fatal errors
    • 2—Errors
    • 3—Warnings
    • 4—Info
    • 5—Debug
    • 6—Trace (all messages)

    The value you specify for this setting sets the minimum severity for a message to be logged. For example, setting LogLevel to 3 means that the client driver logs all warnings, errors, and fatal errors.

    On a Windows client, you have the option of directing ODBC or OLE DB log entries to Event Tracing for Windows (ETW). Once set, ODBC log entries appear in the Windows Event Viewer. See Diverting ODBC Log Entries to ETW. for ODBC, or Diverting OLE DB Log Entries to ETW for OLE DB.

  • LogPath—The absolute path of a directory to store log files . For example: /var/log/verticaodbc
  • LogNamespace—Limits logging to messages generated by certain objects in the client driver.

These settings are also available for the Vertica JDBC driver through connection properties. See Connection Properties for details.

ODBC-specific Settings

The following settings are used only by the Vertica ODBC client driver.

  • DriverManagerEncoding—The UTF encoding standard that the driver manager uses. This setting needs to match the encoding the driver manager expects. The available values for this setting are:

    • UTF-8
    • UTF-16 (usually used by unixODBC)
    • UTF-32 (usually used by iODBC)

    See the documentation for your driver manager to find the correct value for this setting.

    While both UTF-16 and UTF-8 are valid settings for DataDirect, Vertica recommends that you set the DataDirect driver manager encoding to UTF-16.

    If you do not set this parameter, the ODBC driver defaults to the value shown in the following table. If your driver manager uses a different encoding, you must set this value for the ODBC driver to be able to work.

    Client Platform Default Encoding

    Linux 32-bit


    Linux 64-bit


    Linux Itanium 64-bit


    OS X


    Windows 32-bit


    Windows 64-bit


  • ErrorMessagesPath—The absolute path to the parent directory that contains the Vertica client driver's localized error message files. These files are usually stored in the same directory as the Vertica ODBC driver files.

    This setting is required. If you do not set it, then any error the ODBC driver encounters will result in an error message about a missing ODBCMessages.xml file.

  • ODBCInstLib—The absolute path to the file containing the ODBC installer library (ODBCInst). This setting is required if the directory containing this library is not set in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH or LIB_PATH environment variables. The library files for the major driver manager are:

    • UnixODBC:
    • iODBC: (libiodbcinst.2.dylib on OS X)
    • DataDirect:

ADO.NET-specific Settings

This setting applies only to the ADO.NET client driver:

C#PreloadLogging—Tells the Vertica ADO.NET driver to begin logging as soon as possible, before the driver has fully loaded itself. Normally, logging only starts after the driver has fully loaded. Valid values for this setting are:

  • 0—Do not start logging before the driver has loaded.
  • 1—Start logging as soon as possible.