Kerberos Configuration Parameters

The following parameters let you configure the Vertica principal for Kerberos authentication and specify the location of the Kerberos keytab file.

Query the CONFIGURATION_PARAMETERS system table to determine what levels (node, session, user, database) are valid for a given parameter.

Parameter Description


Provides the service name portion of the Vertica Kerberos principal. By default, this parameter is vertica. For example:


Default: vertica


Provides the instance or host name portion of the Vertica Kerberos principal. For example:


If you omit the optional KerberosHostname parameter, Vertica uses the return value from the function gethostname(). Assuming each cluster node has a different host name, those nodes will each have a different principal, which you must manage in that node's keytab file.


Provides the realm portion of the Vertica Kerberos principal. A realm is the authentication administrative domain and is usually formed in uppercase letters. For example:



Provides the location of the keytab file that contains credentials for the Vertica Kerberos principal. By default, this file is located in /etc. For example:

  • The principal must take the form KerberosServiceName/KerberosHostName@KerberosRealm
  • The keytab file must be readable by the file owner who is running the process (typically the Linux dbadmin user assigned file permissions 0600).

Determines the lifetime of the ticket retrieved from performing a kinit. The default is 0 (zero) which disables this parameter.

If you omit setting this parameter, the lifetime is determined by the default Kerberos configuration.