dbadmin Authentication Access

The dbadmin user must have access to the database at all times, and its authentication record should:

  • Use one of the following authentication methods:
    • TRUST with a LOCAL access method
    • HASH
  • Have a high priority (e.g. 10,000) so it supersedes other authentication records like PUBLIC.


The following example creates an authentication record v_dbadmin_trust with a high priority and grants it to the dbadmin user. The combination of the TRUST method and LOCAL access method allow the dbadmin to authenticate to the database without a password if the connection is local:

=> CREATE AUTHENTICATION v_dbadmin_trust METHOD 'trust' LOCAL;
=> ALTER AUTHENTICATION v_dbadmin_trust PRIORITY 10000;
=> GRANT AUTHENTICATION v_dbadmin_trust TO dbadmin;


The following example creates an authentication record v_dbadmin_hash and grants it to the dbadmin user. The HASH method indicates that the dbadmin's password is hashed with the database's SECURITY ALGORITHM. The HOST '' access method indicates that the dbadmin can connect remotely from any IPv4 address:

=> CREATE AUTHENTICATION v_dbadmin_hash METHOD 'hash' HOST '';
=> ALTER AUTHENTICATION v_dbadmin_hash PRIORITY 10000;
=> GRANT AUTHENTICATION v_dbadmin_hash TO dbadmin;

If you want to authenticate as the dbadmin from a local connection, but want to use the authentication record with the HOST access method, specify the --host option with the hostname or IP address of the database:

$ vsql database_name user --host hostname_or_ip;