REVOKE (Storage Location)

Revokes privileges on a USER-defined storage location from users and roles. For more information, see Creating Storage Locations in the Administrator's Guide.

If the storage location is dropped, Vertica automatically revokes all privileges on it.


REVOKE [ GRANT OPTION FOR ] { privilege[,…] | ALL [ PRIVILEGES ] }
   ON LOCATION 'path' [ ON node ]
   FROM grantee[,…]
   [ CASCADE ]



Revokes the grant option for the specified privileges. Current privileges for grantees remain unaffected. If you omit this clause, Vertica revokes both the grant option and current privileges.


One of the following privileges:

  • READ: Copy data from files in the storage location into a table.
  • WRITE: Export data from the database to the storage location. With WRITE privileges, grantees can also save COPY statement rejected data and exceptions files to the storage location.

Revokes all storage location privileges that also belong to the revoker. Users cannot revoke privileges that they themselves lack.

The optional keyword PRIVILEGES is supported to comply with the SQL standard.

ON LOCATION 'path' [ ON node ]

Specifies the path name mount point of the storage location. If qualified by ON NODE, Vertica revokes access to the storage location residing on node.

If no node is specified, the revoke operation applies to all nodes on the specified path. All nodes must be on the specified path; otherwise, the entire revoke operation rolls back.

grantee Specifies whose privileges are revoked, one of the following:

If the target grantees have a grant option to extend the specified privileges to other users, CASCADE specifies to search for these users and revoke the privileges from them also.


Non-superuser, one of the following:


See GRANT (Storage Location).