Updates the retention policy property INTERVAL_TIME for the specified component. Calling this function has no effect on other properties of the same component. You can use this function to update the INTERVAL_TIME property of all component retention policies.

To set other retention policy properties, call SET_DATA_COLLECTOR_POLICY.


SET_DATA_COLLECTOR_TIME_POLICY( ['component',] 'interval‑time' )



Specifies the retention policy to update. If you omit this argument, Vertica updates the retention policy of all Data Collector components.

Query system table DATA_COLLECTOR for component names. For example:

=> SELECT DISTINCT component, description FROM data_collector WHERE component ilike '%Depot%' ORDER BY component;
   component    |          description
 DepotEvictions | Files evicted from the Depot
 DepotFetches   | Files fetched to the Depot
 DepotUploads   | Files Uploaded from the Depot
(3 rows)

INTERVAL data type that specifies how long data of a given component is retained in that component's Data Collector table. The retention policy property INTERVAL_TIME is set from this value. If you set this parameter to a positive value, it also changes the policy property INTERVAL_SET to t (true).

For example, if you specify component TupleMoverEvents and set interval-time to an interval of two days ('2 days'::interval), the Data Collector table dc_tuple_mover_events retains records of Tuple Mover activity over the last 48 hours. Older Tuple Mover data are automatically dropped from this table.

Setting a component's policy's INTERVAL_TIME property has no effect on how much data storage the Data Collector retains on disk for that component. Maximum disk storage capacity is determined by the DISK_SIZE_KB property. Setting the INTERVAL_TIME property only affects how long data is retained by the component's Data Collector table. For details, see Configuring Data Retention Policies.

To disable the INTERVAL_TIME policy property, set this parameter to a negative integer. Doing so reverts two retention policy properties to their default settings:


With these two properties thus set, the component's Data Collector table retains data on all component events until it reaches its maximum limit, as set by retention policy property DISK_SIZE_KB.




See Configuring Data Retention Policies.