Viewing Load History

You can view a history of all your continuous and instance loading jobs in Vertica on the Data Load Activity page.

  • Continuous jobs: Loading jobs that continuously monitor a source and stream data from the source.
  • Instance jobs: Loading jobs that batch load from a source. Instance jobs are of a fixed length and shorter-term than continuous loads.

View Continuous Loads

The Continuous tab on the Data Load Activity page displays history of your database’s continuous loading jobs. For example, you can see loading jobs you create using the Vertica integration with Kafka (see Integrating with Apache Kafka ). Additionally, if you enable the MC extended monitoring feature, the Continuous tab displays the continuous jobs that stream data from your monitored database to a storage database. (See Extended Monitoring for more on how MC can use Kafka to monitor databases externally.)

Use the Continuous tab to view details about continuous jobs, such as their source, target tables, and other microbatch configuration details.

If extended monitoring is enabled, jobs streaming to the MC storage database show mc_dc_kafka_config as the scheduler name. Deselect Show MC data collector monitoring streams at the top of the tab to remove these jobs from the display.

In the Continuous tab, click the labels in the Scheduler, Microbatch, and Errors Last Hour to view additional details about those loading jobs.

For more on continuous data streaming terminology, see Data Streaming Integration Terms.

View Load Instances

In the Instance tab, you can see a history of your database's one-time loading jobs. For example, you can view instance jobs you created using the COPY command in vsql (see COPY), or instance jobs you created in MC to copy data from an Amazon S3 bucket. (For more about initiating loading jobs in MC, see Loading Data From Amazon S3 Using MC.)

In the Instance tab, click the labels in the Status column and Rejected Rows column to view more details about completed jobs. For more about rejected rows, see Handling Messy Data.

The number of load history results on the Instance tab depends on the Data Collector retention policy for Requests Issued and Requests Completed. To change the retention policy, see Configuring Data Retention Policies.

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