Associate Role (Database)

The Associate role is an MC database access role. It is similar to the Admin role. It has privileges to monitor activity and messages on databases managed by MC. Unlike Admin users, Associate users cannot start, stop, or drop the database. The Associate user role is mapped to a user account on the database. This mapped user role determines what other database privileges the Associate role has (such as modifying settings, installing licenses, and viewing the database designer).

The Associate user has the following database privileges by default:

  • View the database Overview page
  • View and delete database messages
  • Mark messages read or unread
  • View the Manage page
  • View node details

  • View database settings

The following database operations depend on the database user's role that you mapped this Associate user to:

  • Install or audit a license
  • Manage database settings
  • View Database Designer
  • View the database Activity page

Database access granted through Management Console never overrides roles granted on a specific Vertica database.