Error Messages Associated with SQLSTATE 08V01

This topic lists the errors associated with the SQLSTATE 08V01.

SQLSTATE 08V01 Description


Error messages associated with this SQLState

ERROR 2055: string Unexpected message type string reading from stdin
ERROR 2257: Bind message has value parameter formats but value parameters
ERROR 2258: Bind message has value result formats but query has value columns
ERROR 3334: Expected a RowDescription Message
ERROR 3335: Expected a SendExport Message
ERROR 3575: Insufficient data left in message
ERROR 3631: Invalid CLOSE message subtype value
ERROR 3651: Invalid DESCRIBE message subtype value
ERROR 3699: Invalid message format
ERROR 3701: Invalid message type
ERROR 3702: Invalid message type value
ERROR 3755: Invalid string in message
ERROR 3887: Lost synchronization with server: length value
ERROR 4074: No data left in message
ERROR 4718: Server did not identify with a pid & key
ERROR 5181: Unexpected message type 0xhex value
ERROR 5208: Unknown message from server
ERROR 5872: Expected to flush an end-of-batch client message but received a message of type value.  Attempting to recover...
ERROR 6863: MARS operation not supported for your client version. Parameter not changed

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