Handling Node Failure During Copy/Export

When an export (EXPORT TO VERTICA) or import from Vertica (COPY FROM VERTICA) task is in progress, and a non-initiator node fails, Vertica does not complete the task automatically. A non-initiator node is any node that is not the source or target node in your export or import statement. To complete the task, you must run the statement again.

You address the problem of a non-initiator node failing during an import or export as follows:

Both Vertica databases must be running in a safe state.

  1. You export or import from one cluster to another using the EXPORT TO VERTICA or COPY FROM VERTICA statement.

    During the export or import, a non-initiating node on the target or source cluster fails. Vertica issues an error message that indicates possible node failure, one of the following:

    • ERROR 4534: Receive on v_tpchdb1_node0002: Message receipt from v_tpchdb2_node0005 failed
    • WARNING 4539: Received no response from v_tpchdb1_node0004 in abandon plan
    • ERROR 3322: [tpchdb2] Execution canceled by operator
  2. Complete your import or export by running the statement again. The failed node does not need to be up for Vertica to successfully complete the export or import.