Installing the vsql Client

The vsql client is installed as part of the Vertica server rpm. It is also available as a download for other Unix-based systems.

Unix Installation

  1. Download the appropriate vsql client for your system.

    Vertica provides the FIPS-compliant client driver only as an rpm for 64-bit clients. You can install this rpm only on FIPS-enabled machines. The FIPS client includes vsql and ODBC drivers. If you are installing the FIPS-specific client, refer to the section, Installing the FIPS Client Driver for ODBC and vsql.

  2. Extract the tarball. The tarball is structured to extract into /opt/vertica if you extract it at the root (/) of the drive.
  3. (Optional) Add the vsql client's directory to your PATH.
  4. Make the vsql client executable. For example, to allow all users to execute vsql:
  5. $ chmod ugo+x vsql_version
  6. Set your shell locale to a locale supported by vsql. For example, in your .profile, add: export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

Windows Installation

vsql on Windows is installed as part of the Windows Client Driver package. For installation details, see The Vertica Client Drivers and Tools for Windows.

See Using vsql for Windows Users for details on using vsql in a Windows console.