The DBDUSER role is a predefined role that is assigned to the dbadmin user on database installation. The dbadmin and any PSEUDOSUPERUSER can grant this role to any user or non-predefined role. Users who have this role and enable it can call Database Designer functions from the command line.

Non-DBADMIN users with the DBDUSER role cannot run Database Designer through Administration Tools. Only DBADMIN users can run Administration Tools.

Associating DBDUSER with Resource Pools

Be sure to associate a resource pool with the DBDUSER role, to facilitate resource management when you run Database Designer. Multiple users can run Database Designer concurrently without interfering with each other or exhausting all the cluster resources. Whether you run Database Designer programmatically or with Administration Tools, design execution is generally contained by the user's resource pool, but might spill over into system resource pools for less-intensive tasks.