Comprehensive Design

A comprehensive design creates an initial or replacement design for all the tables in the specified schemas. Create a comprehensive design when you are creating a new database.

To help Database Designer create an efficient design, load representative data into the tables before you begin the design process. When you load data into a table, Vertica creates an unoptimized superprojection so that Database Designer has projections to optimize. If a table has no data, Database Designer cannot optimize it.

Optionally, supply Database Designer with representative queries that you plan to use so Database Designer can optimize the design for them. If you do not supply any queries, Database Designer creates a generic optimization of the superprojections that minimizes storage, with no query-specific projections.

During a comprehensive design, Database Designer creates deployment scripts that:

  • Create new projections to optimize query performance, only when they do not already exist.
  • Create replacement buddy projections when Database Designer changes the encoding of pre-existing projections that it has decided to keep.