Manually Purging Data

You manually purge deleted data as follows:

  1. Set the cut-off date for purging deleted data. First, call one of the following functions to verify the current ancient history mark (AHM):
  2. Set the AHM to the desired cut-off date with one of the following functions:

    If you call SET_AHM_TIME, keep in mind that the timestamp you specify is mapped to an epoch, which by default has a three-minute granularity. Thus, if you specify an AHM time of 2008-01-01 00:00:00.00, Vertica might purge data from the first three minutes of 2008, or retain data from last three minutes of 2007.

    You cannot advance the AHM beyond a point where Vertica is unable to recover data for a down node.

  3. Purge deleted data from the desired projections with one of the following functions:

    The tuple mover performs a mergeout operation to purge the data. Vertica periodically invokes the tuple mover to perform mergeout operations, as configured by tuple mover parameters. You can manually invoke the tuple mover by calling the function DO_TM_TASK.

Manual purge operations can take a long time.

See Epochs for additional information about how Vertica uses epochs.