Displays configuration parameter values that are set for the database.

You can also get detailed information on configuration parameters, including their current and default values, by querying system table CONFIGURATION_PARAMETERS.

If the configuration parameter is set but requires a database restart to take effect, the value shown might differ from the active value.


SHOW DATABASE db‑spec { parameter‑name[,…] | ALL }



Specifies the current database, set to the database name or DEFAULT.


Names of one or more configuration parameters to show. Non-superusers can only specify parameters whose settings are not masked by SHOW DATABASE…ALL, otherwise Vertica returns an error.

If you specify a single parameter that is not set, SHOW DATABASE returns an empty row for that parameter.

To obtain the names of database-level parameters, query system table CONFIGURATION_PARAMETERS.

ALL Shows all configuration parameters set at the database level. For non-superusers, Vertica masks settings of security parameters, which only superusers can access.


  • Superuser: Shows all database parameter settings.
  • Non-superuser: Masks all security parameter settings, which only superusers can access. To determine which parameters require superuser privileges, query system table CONFIGURATION_PARAMETERS.


Show to a non-superuser all configuration parameters that are set on the database:

              name              | setting
 AllowNumericOverflow           | 1
 CopyFaultTolerantExpressions   | 1
 EnableSSL                      | 1
 GlobalHeirUsername             | ********
 MaxClientSessions              | 50
 NumericSumExtraPrecisionDigits | 0
(6 rows)

Show settings for two configuration parameters:

=> SHOW DATABASE DEFAULT AllowNumericOverflow, NumericSumExtraPrecisionDigits;
              name              | setting
 AllowNumericOverflow           | 1
 NumericSumExtraPrecisionDigits | 0
(2 rows)