Alters the type of files that can be stored at the specified storage location.


ALTER_LOCATION_USE ( 'path' , '[node]' , 'usage' ) 



Specifies where the storage location is mounted.


Specifies the Vertica node with the storage location. An empty string ('') specifies to alter the location across all cluster nodes in a single transaction.


One of the following:

  • DATA: The storage location stores only data files. This is the supported use for both a USER storage location, and a labeled storage location.
  • TEMP: The location stores only temporary files that are created during loads or queries.
  • DATA,TEMP: The location can store both types of files.



USER Storage Location Restrictions

You cannot change a storage location from a USER usage type if you created the location that way, or to a USER type if you did not. You can change a USER storage location to specify DATA (storing TEMP files is not supported). However, doing so does not affect the primary objective of a USER storage location, to be accessible by non-dbadmin users with assigned privileges.

Monitoring Storage Locations

To obtain disk storage information that the database uses on each node, query system table DISK_STORAGE.


The following example alters the storage location across all cluster nodes to store only data:

=> SELECT ALTER_LOCATION_USE ('/thirdVerticaStorageLocation/' , '' , 'DATA');