Exporting Data in Parquet Format

You might want to export data from Vertica, either to share it with other applications or to move lower-priority data from ROS to less-expensive storage. You can use the EXPORT TO PARQUET statement to export a table (or part of one) as Parquet data.

You can export data to HDFS, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage (GCS), or the local file system. You can export ROS data or data that is readable through external tables. After exporting ROS data, you can drop affected ROS partitions to reclaim storage space.

Be careful to avoid concurrent exports to the same output destination. Doing so is an error on any file system and can produce incorrect results.

You cannot export data from an external table that contains external, non-native data types. See Complex Types.

After exporting data, you can define external tables to read that data in Vertica. See Working with External Data.

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