Deploying Designs Using Database Designer

OpenText recommends that you run Database Designer and deploy optimized projections right after loading your tables with sample data because Database Designer provides projections optimized for the current state of your database.

If you choose to allow Database Designer to automatically deploy your script during a comprehensive design and are running Administrative Tools, Database Designer creates a backup script of your database's current design. This script helps you re-create the design of projections that may have been dropped by the new design. The backup script is located in the output directory you specified during the design process.

If you choose not to have Database Designer automatically run the deployment script (for example, if you want to maintain projections from a pre-existing deployment), you can manually run the deployment script later. See Deploying Designs Manually.

To deploy a design while running Database Designer, do one of the following:

  • In Management Console, select the design and click Deploy Design.
  • In the Administration Tools, select Deploy design in the Design Options window.

If you are running Database Designer programmatically, use DESIGNER_RUN_POPULATE_DESIGN_AND_DEPLOY and set the deploy parameter to 'true'.

Once you have deployed your design, query the DEPLOY_STATUS system table to see the steps that the deployment took: