Creating a Database Name and Password

Database Names

Database names must conform to the following rules:

  • Be between 1-30 characters
  • Begin with a letter
  • Follow with any combination of letters (upper and lowercase), numbers, and/or underscores.

Database names are case sensitive; however, Vertica strongly recommends that you do not create databases with names that differ only in case. For example, do not create a database called mydatabase and another called MyDataBase.

Database Passwords

Database passwords can contain letters, digits, and special characters listed in the next table. Passwords cannot include non-ASCII Unicode characters.

The allowed password length is between 0-100 characters. The database superuser can change a Vertica user's maximum password length using ALTER PROFILE.

You use Profiles to specify and control password definitions. For instance, a profile can define the maximum length, reuse time, and the minimum number or required digits for a password, as well as other details.

The following table lists special (ASCII) characters that Vertica permits in database passwords. Special characters can appear anywhere in a password string. For example, mypas$word or $mypassword are both valid.

Using special characters other than the ones listed below can cause database instability.